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The Cheeky Chappie

The career, contemporaries, critics & saucy seaside postcard world of Max Miller

Max Miller

In this frank appraisal of Miller's sometimes turbulent career, Dave Sealey gradually reveals the strangely quiet, unassuming man behind the make-up and gaudy apparel. With generous helpings from his outrageous 'front-cloth' repertoire, Dave joyously contrasts Max's dazzling bravado on stage with the work of some of his most celebrated contemporaries including "Our Gracie" Fields, "Gormless" George Formby, "Big Hearted" Arthur Askey and other giants from the great days of variety. All big names, but none of them bigger than the one who boasted, 'Miller's the name, lady', the 'Cheeky Chappie', the highest paid of them all.

Max would scold his audience, saying,

"'re the sort of people who get me a bad name! LISTEN...listen, listen....

Jack and Jill went up the hill
Just like two cock linnets
Jill came down with half a crown
She wasn't up there two min...

A lifelong music hall performer himself, Dave's enthralling one man show portrays how this street urchin from Brighton became Britain's highest paid comedy star - as well as a little of the quiet unassuming man Max was beneath the make up and the gaudy suits.

With songs and laughs a-plenty, this show is as saucy as a seaside postcard from Brighton pier itself.

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Why, it's Max Miller sending me an e-mail! whoops, sorry, I mean Dave Sealey. Now, what can I say about that evening? Dave gave an excellent portayal of Max. He opened the first half with the life story of Max, who he had worked with, how he was banned from appearing on the Royal Variety Show for running over his 6 minutes by Val Parnell, and the number of songs Max had recorded, and of course not forgetting the Blue Book and the White book... and in the second half non other than Max - well, I think it was - appeared - in the spats, the floral suit, and the kipper tie. Off Dave went into Max's routine (how he remembered everything I do not know, he must have a memory like a sponge). This was live entertainment at its best. Alan Ashby - Max Miller Appreciation Society

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