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This is a full list of all recordings made by Cosmotheka in its original form. None are commercially available today, but can sometimes be found on websites selling second-hand vinyl, as well as places like ebay and Amazon. All recordings were LPs with the exception of You Only Had to Ask, which was originally issued on cassette tape and later as a CD, and which can still be bought through several suppliers of folk music CDs, such as Roots Records.

(For details of the CD of Dave's one-man show about Stanley Holloway, With A Little Bit O' Luck, click here to visit the website of Ada Recordings - also available from various other outlets around the Internet.)

Click on the titles in the list immediately below to view full details further down the list, and click on images to view a larger version of the record sleeve or cover art.

A Little Bit Off the Top

LP | Highway Records | SHY 6002 | 1974

A Little Bit Off the Top
  • You don't want to keep on showing it, Mary
  • Wait till the work comes round
  • Let's all go mad
  • 'Arry, 'Arry, 'Arry
  • A little bit off the top
  • Ragtime waltz
  • Robin Redbreast
  • 'E dunno where 'e are
  • Mrs Carter
  • Riding on a motor car
  • Little Billy's wild woodbines
  • The other department please

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Wines & Spirits

LP | Highway Records | SHY 7001 | 1977

Wines & Spirits
  • Good little girl
  • The 'ouses in between
  • The Baby's Name
  • Little Dolly Daydream
  • Down the road
  • Up went my little umberella
  • The golden dustman
  • The ragtime ragshop
  • The kangeroo hop
  • Hitchy coo
  • Johnny
  • Robin Redbreast
  • Music box tune
  • Only come down for the day
  • Timothy, let's have a look at it
  • Just like the ivy

Wines & Spirits [alternative sleeve]

LP | Highway Records | SHY 7001 | 1977

Wines & Spirits - alternative sleeve

Many thanks to Steve Parkes for pointing out the fact that there appear to have been two sleeve versions for this album.

While the website designer is of the opinion that the 'blue' cover is the more attractive, it's true that the designer of this cover clearly didn't know how to spell Gus Elen's name!

The contents of the two versions of the album are identical in all other ways.

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A Good Turn-Out

LP | Highway Records | SHY 7015 | 1981

A Good Turn Out
  • Never let your braces dangle
  • The night began to fall
  • The skpper of the mercantile marine
  • Don't do it again, Matilda
  • Love, love, love
  • I can't do my bally bottom button up
  • It's a great big shame
  • The grizzly bear
  • Back answers
  • Proper cup o' coffee

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LP | Dambuster | DAM 008 | 1985

  • In a little Wigan garden
  • Alabama band
  • Down the road
  • Liarty
  • Thuthie
  • I like little people
  • Wot a mouth
  • Three ha'pence a foot
  • It's a pity to waste teh cake
  • Bread & marmalade
  • Just like the ivy, I'll cling to you
  • Brahn boots

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Keep Smiling Through

LP | BBC Enterprises Ltd | REH 746 | 1988

Keep Smiling Through
  • Smiling through
  • Follow the white line
  • Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye
  • I get along without you very well
  • I love to sit with Sophie in the shelter
  • Hey little hen
  • I did what I could with my gasmask
  • Dig dig dig to victory
  • Whitehall Warriors
  • I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
  • White cliffs of Dover
  • They're all under the counter
  • Lili Marlene / D-Day Dodgers
  • I'm gonna get lit up when the lights go up in London
  • Roll me over
  • Knees up Mother Brown
  • We'll meet again
  • Medley

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You Only Had To Ask

CD | Folksound | FSCD55 | 1999

You Only Had to Ask
  • Wot a mouth
  • Don't do it again, Matilda
  • Mrs Carter
  • It's a pity to waste the cake
  • It's a great big shame
  • Love, love, love
  • Little Billy's Wild Woodbines
  • The Kangaroo hop
  • The other department, please
  • Thuthie
  • I can't do my bally bottom button up
  • Wot I want is a proper cup of coffee

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